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NEWSLETTER | August 2017
Summer Internships
As STEM Advantage Scholars' summer internships are ending and Fall semester classes are beginning, we want to share more photos from their amazing experiences.    If you would like to provide a paid internship for a student(s) next summer, please contact us .

We are Farmers!
L to R: Brandon, Ashley, Enrique, Anna, Alejandra, Chanya, Shawna, Ricky.
Not shown Sikhoa
Farmers Insurance Group hosted 9 STEM Advantage Scholars this summer. The students shared how they grew professionally and personally due to the many wonderful opportunities they had working with various IT teams, plus interaction with Ron Guerrier (Farmers' CIO), Marlo Donate (VP, Technology), and many others. 

Next month we'll share photos from a project that Ashley and Alejandra organized and led for Farmers' volunteers to introduce local school kids to STEM. 

"I work in the IT Marketing department at Farmers Insurance where I've met many great people. Every day is a new challenge for me. I've learned many things along the way and I got to experience the working environment for a programmer."  -- Ricky

Ashley is a Computer Engineering major; Alejandra and Chanya are Computer Science majors at Cal State Northridge. Shawna is majoring in Computer Technology with a focus on Homeland Security and Psychology; Ricky is a Computer Science major at Cal State Dominguez Hills.  Brandon and Enrique earned a BA in Computer Technology from Cal State Dominguez Hills in May. Anna earned a BS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management at Cal State Northridge in May.  

Bianca (front row, left)
Bianca had a summer internship at NBCUniversal. 

"Due to the project-based nature of NBCUniversal internships, the primary focus of this summer internship was to conduct a research project consisting of cycle testing five different servo models to failure in order to assess reliability. A servo is defined as a device consisting of a DC motor, gear train, potentiometer, integrated circuit, and output shaft. The data gathered from the project will provide understanding as to which servo model is most effective for implementation in uses such as animatronics, in which figures are animated using electromechanical devices. Furthermore, with this great learning experience comes the joy of working at a theme park and being able to experience its wonder on a daily basis." 

Bianca is majoring in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at Cal State Northridge. 

Alexis and Sevag
Alexis  (left); Sevag and Alexis
Alexis and Sevag had summer internships at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Sevag was at William J Hughes Technical Center. 
Alexis worked at the Interagency Planning Office, where he worked on projects ranging from a monthly cyber newsletter to  a Cohort Project with other interns to help solve a real world problem that the FAA has. The project revolved around social media to inform 16-24 years old about drone safety.  

Alexis and Sevag are Mechanical Engineering majors at Cal State LA. 

We are holding information sessions at Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State LA, Cal State Northridge and Cal State Long Beach to select our next cohort of STEM Advantage Scholars. Applications are due September 30th.

If you are looking to hire entry-level STEM talent, please send a note to Lee Ann for a copy of our STEM Advantage Talent Guide.

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