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NEWSLETTER | November 2016
SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, April 29, 2017
5th Annual STEM Advantage Scholarship fundraiser 
So proud of our STEM Advantage Scholars!
Ashley with her manager last summer
After interning at Intuit the past two summers, Ashley was offered a full-time position as a software engineer working in the TurboTax division starting in January. Ashley will graduate in December with a B.S. in  Computer Science and Mathematics from Cal State Dominguez Hills. 

"I wanted to express my thanks to everyone involved in the STEM Advantage program for providing the grants, workshops and mentors that have enabled me and many of the other scholars to excel in our chosen fields. The people behind the STEM Advantage program are truly selfless in their endeavors, and it is admirable what you have accomplished. Please know if there is anything I can do to give back to the program or its scholars, I would feel honored and happy to do so."      -- Ashley

Congratulations Ashley -- we are so proud of you!    

STEM Advantage Scholars awarded AWT scholarships
From left: Edith, Dominique, Ketty, Cynthia, Adriany  
STEM Advantage enjoys a partnership with another non-profit organization AWT: advancing women in technology. AWT members provide paid internships and are mentors for STEM Advantage Scholars.   

At their annual fundraiser, AWT awards scholarships to women studying for a career in technology. On November 3, four STEM Advantage Scholars received AWT scholarships, along with students from Stanford University and USC.

Congratulations to Adriany and Ketty from Cal State LA, and Cynthia and Dominique from Cal State Dominguez Hills!   They were joined by STEM Advantage alumna Edith, a 2015 AWT scholarship recipient.  

National Apprenticeship Week
Left to right, Matt Martinez, DIAG USA (event sponsor), Amy Huh, ISpace, Melanie Hildebrandt, Sony, Carole Schlocker, Stem Advantage, Doris Barnett, German Parliament, Hans Yorg Neumann, German Consulate General, Joan Samuels, OpenTech Director and Baydsar Thomasian, Senator Kevin De Leon's Field Representative. 
STEM Advantage participated in an  event to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, November 14 - 20. MCS and DIAG USA hosted a luncheon to thank employers, partners, local and international government agency representatives for supporting young IT talent. 

Loosely based on the German apprenticeship model, OpenTech Los Angeles is a "no  cost" solution for finding reliable, qualified candidates for job openings. OpenTech offers u p to $4,000 reimbursement per hire to help shoulder the costs of onboarding and pays for w ork-related certifications.  A STEM Advantage Talent Guide  features students seeking a full-time position upon graduation as software developers, project managers, business analysts, security analysts, website/digital media specialists, IT Help Desk specialists and data scientists. 

To learn more, p lease contact OpenTech LA Director  Joan Samuels .

For questions and to provide a paid internship(s) in Summer 2017, please contact  Cindy McKenzie  or  Lee Ann Kline

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