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NEWSLETTER | August 2016
Internships are a trajectory to success
"Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not... We often hear that success is 'all about the people you know' - as if it's just a matter of equal-opportunity relationship building. We rarely talk about how one knows them, or about the privilege that has become a prerequisite to knowing the right people... Without the short-term opportunities to help them learn, grow, connect with mentors and begin climbing the earnings curve, many promising young people with limited means are denied the chance to rise as high as their talent will take them."  

Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, Internships Are Not a Privilege, Op-Ed, The New York Times, July 5, 2016.     Full article
Internships are a hand up
We are grateful to our "network" for providing opportunities through paid internships to STEM Advantage Scholars, who are women and underserved communities with talent and now a hand up. Sharing a few of their exciting summer internships! 
What makes for the "coolest" mom ever? How about telling your son that you were selected for a summer internship in technology at Universal Studios HollywoodThen taking him to visit you "at the office" which just happens to be next to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™!  

"Thank you!  This has been the most amazing internship ever.  The real-life professional experience was great, but this internship truly offered so much more."    - Dominique (on Right in photo) is earning a BS in Computer Science at Cal State Dominguez Hills.   

Antonella, Sonia and Rubi (from left).

Photo courtesy of The Aerospace Corporation
Antonella and Rubi, both mechanical engineering majors at Cal State LA, had summer internships at The Aerospace Corporation, a new STEM Advantage partner this year. 

"I enjoyed my weekly meetings because I wasn't the only one working on the issues and tasks. Others from Aerospace were involved and we got to discuss issues that made me feel like I was part of a team. I liked that the company made this experience fun. It wasn't about just finishing our task but making it a really great experience here overall."      - Antonella 

"I think the most valuable aspect of my internship this summer was the people I met and worked with. They always kept me engaged and I never really felt like the new hire. I felt like part of the group as soon as I came on board, which made it easier for me to ask questions and get involved."    - Rubi

STEM Advantage is so proud that a few STEM Advantage Scholars are also veterans. They served our country. Now we and our partners are honored to help them! 

Zacarie has been interested in computers for a long time. This summer he had an internship with the IT organization at CBS. He learned a lot, worked for and with great people, and really enjoyed and was grateful for the experience. Like the other Scholars, Zac gained relevant experience that will help him land a full-time position when he graduates next year.

Zacarie served in the U.S. Navy. Now he is earning a BA in Computer Technology at Cal State Dominguez Hills and volunteers with an organization that helps other veterans apply for college. 

THANK YOU to all of the companies that provide paid internships to STEM Advantage Scholars!

For questions and to provide a paid internship(s) next summer, please contact Cindy McKenzie or Lee Ann Kline

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