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NEWSLETTER | May/June 2016
Celebrating Success
This summer started with a whirlwind of activities. STEM Advantage:
  • celebrated 15 Scholars' graduation
  • placed 36 Scholars in internships 
  • received a $10,000 grant from the Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation to expand our program
  • was honored by the Los Angeles Business Journal as Nonprofit Team of the Year! Read full story.

Thank you for being part of what makes STEM Advantage unique. Our 360-degree program provides students attending a public university the type of support that many students attending a private university receive, including internships, mentors, scholarships, career panels, access to and networking with business and technology executives and hiring managers. STEM Advantage aims to level the playing field for young women and underserved communities attending the California State University system, the largest public university system in the nation. Board members use their contacts to open doors for students who have the talent but don't have the opportunity and network.  

If you or someone you know would like to invest in STEM Advantage Scholars, please contact us.
Graduation Day
Congratulations to 15 STEM Advantage Scholars who recently graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills and Cal State LA! 
We are SO PROUD to have played a small role in their success. 
Here are a few photos to share in the celebration. 
Graduation Collage

From Top Left: Edith Young and Matt Roesger; Lucky Gumafelix and Carlos Ontiveras (center); Louis Varga
From Bottom Left: President Willie J. Hagan (left) of CSU, Dominguez Hills and Lucky Gumafelix ; Ramneet Kaur; Edith Young with her brother (left) and husband (right)

While many of the students who graduated have permanent jobs, a few are still looking. To receive a copy of our Talent Guide, please contact us

Mentors Make a Difference
"Mentoring is a relationship in which the mentee takes active responsibility for his or her own learning and development, and the mentor serves as facilitator of that growth."
Sharon Chan with mentee - Lee
Sharon Chan (top) with her mentee, Lee Katsumata (bottom)

"Initially I was worried that I may have over-committed 
with my already busy schedule.  However, I found that mentoring does not mean having to meet face to face all the time.  My mentee, Lee Katsumura, and I were able to connect whenever Lee needed me, mainly through text messages and phone calls.  Being a mentor to Lee had provided me the opportunity to enhance my skills in coaching, counseling, listening and leadership.  Mentoring Lee has helped me see the difference I can bring assisting a young employee prepare for 'real world' jobs while receiving the personal satisfaction of watching the STEM Advantage scholars grow academically, socially, and professionally. " - Sharon Chan, Enterprise Digital Marketing Manager, Toyota Financial Services.

Lucky and his mentor_ Ron
Lucky Gumafelix (right) with his mentor, Ronald Kimura (left)

"Mr. Ronald Kimura has been like a father figure to me since he became my mentor. He is such a good adviser and listener and has helped me a lot in assessing my strengths and weaknesses. Out of his very busy schedule, he still makes sure to keep in touch and makes time for us to meet. He makes sure that our conversations are meaningful and always provided me with advice that will make my mentorship a successful one. I hope more professionals, like Ron Kimura, can be inspired and take some time out of their busy schedule to become a mentor and see the difference it can bring to the students." - Lucky, Computer Science Major, CSU Dominguez Hills.
We are seeking 10 additional mentors to pair up with our 2016 STEM Advantage Scholars.  Are you interested in being a mentor or know someone who would enjoy being a mentor? 
Sign Up To Be A Mentor
Make a difference: invest in women and underserved students in STEM   
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