Jasmyn Masters

Program Manager for Internships and Career Placement

Jasmyn Masters-Culpepper serves STEM Advantage’s scholars and stakeholders as the Program Manager for Internships and Career Placement. As a Los Angeles native, Jasmyn lives by the motto “I am my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper!”. She believes that college is a possibility for everyone no matter their background. Jasmyn strives to create amazing relationships with Scholars and loves that she can continue building these relationships while supporting STEM Advantage Scholars.

Before joining STEM Advantage, Jasmyn worked as a Career Coach for Core and Law Career Pathways at Thrive Scholars, providing Scholars with the tools needed to secure internships and full-time job opportunities in industry leading companies. Jasmyn also worked for the Posse Foundation for over six years as a Trainer and Career Program Manager. Jasmyn brings over 9 years of experience building relationships with youth while managing academic and career success program in non-profit and higher education settings.

Jasmyn holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Child Development and Family Studies and
Family Life Education from California State University, Long Beach. In her spare time, Jasmyn
loves to test out new recipes, bowling, bike riding along the beach, and playing card games with family and friends.