“The STEM Advantage program at CSULA has had a transformative impact on the scholars who participate in the program. The overwhelmingly positive student feedback underscores a profound sense of belonging and inclusion in the program which motivates me to further strengthen CSULA’s partnership with STEM Advantage.  Their Professional Development sessions, career panels and in-person events introduce our scholars to amazing opportunities and possibilities helping them see themselves in STEM roles.”

Photo of Daniel Galvan
Daniel GalvanDirector of Acceleration Initiatives and Student Engagement at California State University-Los Angeles

As an IT leader and the executive sponsor of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s (SPE) Women in Technology employee business resource group, I am proud to say that SPE has been a strong supporter of STEM Advantage since its inception in 2012. We have provided scholars with internship opportunities, some of which have turned into full-time employment. We also provide support in the form of mentorship, professional development webinars, career panels and sponsorship. The students we partner with have passion for their jobs, the company and their communities.”

Photo of Melanie Hildebrandt
Melanie HildebrandtSenior Vice President – Corporate IT, Sony Pictures Entertainment

“STEM Advantage has been a huge part of my career, and I know for sure that I would not have been able to do the things I have done without them. It has given my career path a different trajectory if I did not have them. I want to thank Lee Ann and the STEM Advantage Program for helping me to get where I am today.” 

Photo of Charles Bickham
Charles BickhamComputer Science major, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

“STEM Advantage opened up opportunities for me I never imagined. Thanks to this program, I have met many talented and hard-working individuals that inspire me to continue on my career path. My mentors have been supportive and helpful as I navigate my early career. I was afforded the opportunity of an internship at Activision, where I gained invaluable experience on the job. The scholarship portion of the program allowed me to continue going to school without having to take a job on top of full-time classes. Thanks to the support of the generous donors who back STEM Advantage, I will be graduating in spring of 2021, right on time, and student-debt free. Lee Ann puts so much heart and work into this program, and I myself will do my best to support this program and pay it forward to other determined students. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

Photo of Mei Ying Croddy
Mei-Ying CroddyComputer Science major, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

“The experiences that I gained in this program put me ahead of the curve and helped me land a high paying job with a leading tech consulting company.” 

Photo of Shawna Delgadillo
Shawna DelgadilloConsultant at Accenture, STEM Advantage Alumna, earned bachelor’s in Computer Technology and Psychology with a Concentration in Homeland Security at Cal State Dominguez Hills

“Ever since I was selected to be part of the STEM Advantage program last year, I have gained a widespread of knowledge and mentoring in order to enhance my engineering career path. From professional development workshops, to monthly mentor meetings, and even exclusive scholarships, STEM Advantage has provided me with the tools, skills, and confidence to become a successful leader in the engineering world. With everything that this program has provided for me, I continue to be one step ahead of achieving my lifelong dreams of becoming an engineer. I will utilize the lessons I have learned to make a positive impact on the world throughout my engineering career. I believe that programs like this are vital to one’s success in the engineering world.” 

Photo of Kayla Valencia
Kayla ValenciaEarning a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at Cal State Long Beach

“The day I met Lee Ann, I was moments from taking a break from school … Without STEM Advantage I wouldn’t be here, and this field needs me because not only do I look different from others who do this, I think differently and without diversity of thought we can’t solve the security problems for tomorrow.”

Photo of MaryLiza Walker
MaryLiza WalkerCyber Security Analyst, Air Force Civilian Service, STEM Advantage Alumna, earned a bachelor’s in Computer Technology with a focus on Homeland Security at Cal State Dominguez Hills. She’s now earning a Masters in Cyber Security Engineering at USC.