Transfer Focused STEM Career Pathways

In this competitive hiring environment, scholars who advance from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree gain significant advantage. The main reason to pursue a bachelor’s degree is to increase earning potential, both immediately upon graduation and throughout one’s career. This benefit is considerably greater for bachelor’s degrees in STEM due to the higher-on-average starting salaries for graduates in these fields. 

The STEM Career Pathways program helps community college students understand career opportunities in STEM fields and paths to economic mobility. Scholars in this programsee the value of and feel motivated to earn a bachelor’s degree in a STEM major, resulting in increased transfer rates to 4-year universities. The program works with California State Universities and Community Colleges to inform students how to optimize their community college experience and select a college that meets their needs.  It is comprised of four key components: transfer and college selection tips, mentoring circles with STEM Advantage Alumni, professional and career development programs, and both in-person and virtual community building opportunities.

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Transfer and College Selection Tips

Navigating the college selection process and understanding optimal class selection  to ensure a smooth transfer into a four-year program can be confusing and complex.  STEM Advantage provides webinars and one-on-one support to help community college scholars navigate the best path forward and reduce unnecessary classes, determine the ideal four-year program for their unique professional goals, and build the necessary knowledge and skills to optimize success once they have transferred.

Professional Development

Professional Development workshops and webinars are designed to provide skills that will help scholars in their school programs, build understanding of STEM career options, and prepare to find internships. Career Panels help scholars understand STEM careers in local industries and understand what will help them stand out in competitive hiring environments.

STEM Advantage scholars at an event in Los Angeles
Photos of students at Microsoft event with STEM Advantage

Mentoring Circles

Given the complexities involved in transferring from a community college to a four-year program, circle discussions led by STEM Advantage mentorsprovide scholars with opportunities to set academic and career goals informed by real-world experience in STEM fields.  In these circles, scholars engage with several discussion topics that are designed to build a growth mindset and develop skills that will support a successful transfer into a bachelor’s degree program.


Scholars thrive when they have a network to rely on.  STEM Advantage provides in-person events and online discussion groups that give scholars the space to work together to address common concerns, celebrate victories, and provide peer support.