“Just before graduation, after being in college for five years, I found out that I had to pay my last semester’s tuition out of pocket. With the assistance of the STEM Advantage scholarship I was able to complete my last semester and obtain my diploma. The scholarship and internship at CBS have been a blessing. I am forever grateful for this experience.”

KettyBA Computer Information Systems and Business Administration, CSU Los Angeles

We believe that students who pursue STEM careers should be rewarded for their drive and graduate with less student debt, so they can pursue their dreams. Scholarships are a key part of helping underrepresented communities achieve success and push through the affordability barrier of a Bachelor’s degree. With tuition and living costs, their career and life choices are significantly affected.

Scholars receive a renewable $2500 scholarship to attend classes full-time and graduate with less student debt. Since we were founded in 2012, we have awarded $2.3 million in scholarships.

An investment in STEM Advantage Scholars is transformative and truly life-changing for these talented low-income, first generation college students as they earn $75,000 average starting salary, a middle-class sustainable living wage. 

To make an investment, please contact Lee Ann Kline, President & Founder, at 949.322.3320 or